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Do you know where Jim and Nancy are? Tom swims very fast. Her birthday party will be tomorrow evening. She likes to run. She went to the hospital by taxi. I don't think he has anything to do with the matter. Excuse me, I'm looking for the Holiday Inn. Do you know where it is? That's good. I want to invite Megan also. Next time you see her, can you tell her for me. Yes. If everything goes alright, I'll be getting my bachelors degree in August. Then I need to start looking for a job. I'm afraid of wild animals.
One Piece 584: - My headache has gone.
- I don't know who made the cake.
- He's saving up to go to college.
- Where do I have to change trains?
- It's fine today.
- She runs faster than I do.
- He started washing his car.
- The house is said to be haunted.
- Yes, we use to work together at a different company about five years ago.
- Mind your business.
I sat between Tom and John. Let's start the party. He's smart. When do you think you'll get home? A bunch of people died in the explosion. I had a good idea. I'll leave this work to you. She thinks of everything in terms of money. She asked for my help. I got the money back from him.

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