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What do you call this flower? I bought five ten-yen stamps. You may have mistaken Jane for her sister. Why is the train delayed? There is always a next time. We watched the baseball game on TV last night. My uncle gave his car to me. Does this bus go to the beach? I ran across an old friend near the bank. Bring along your friend.
Download Graboid: - He never gives me anything.
- Are you going with them?
- I like this house as it is.
- All the seats are booked.
- Could you call again later please?
- She tied him to the chair.
- Shall I ask him to contact you?
- What is the matter with you?
- She has had quite a lot to drink.
- I'd like to go to London someday.
This desk cost me 20,000 yen. I'm able to swim. When did it start to feel this way? Don't dump garbage here. I didn't want to surprise you. My right shoulder hurts. I wish to visit Egypt some day. I want to go to college. She advised him to go by bicycle. Please don't take pictures here.

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