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He painted a picture of a dog. The opera starts at seven. You may have mistaken Jane for her sister. Lucy is from America. I don't like studying. He was standing at the door. A long time ago. That's going to be a tough game. LA has a good team. She smiled. I offered to help her with her homework.
Salaat Time: - It's your turn.
- Don't come again.
- She presented him with the trophy.
- I'm bored.
- Which do you like better, apples or bananas?
- He knows how to play the piano.
- Never in a million years!
- He will not say yes.
- Come along with us.
- Would you like something to drink?
He shot at me. I had enough time, so I didn't need to hurry. She ignored him pretty much all day. Playing tennis is his hobby. I like watching T.V. She ignored him all day. He has this large room to himself. I should have come earlier. I wonder if you could tell me...? We did a lot of singing and dancing at the party.

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