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Please add my name to the list. A look of contentment appeared on his face. Are you seriously thinking about becoming involved? She spoke to me with a smile. Pretty well. This hat cost ten dollars. Turn off the radio. Sir, I am a paper supplier. It seems you wanted some papers. Whom should I meet in this connection? Good idea. What are we going to do there? Have you arrived?
Tripwires: - I believed that he would keep his promise.
- It's is a quarter past nine.
- They might be taller than you.
- What grade is your sister in?
- What will happen if there's power failure now?
- Go straight ahead.
- We hate violence.
- I am living in London.
- Paul has dry hair.
- Parents should spend quality time with their children.
Why are you telling me all this? She may come. Maybe he has lots of girlfriends. The tree fell down. That means friend. Tom's grandmother looks healthy. Is it true? Turn the volume up. Yes, I'd like some coffee. Please come in.

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